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Stuck somewhere in the back of my mind is this idea, that I for some unknown reason MUST have a blog. As if having Twitter, Facebook and Google+ is not enough to fulfil my sharing needs, not to mention numerous other services I am registered on, such as foursquare, Instagram, LinkedIn, Coderwall and some Russian clones of previously mentioned. Not that I am using all this junk, at the moment I focus my attention only on Twitter, Instagram, foursquare and LinkedIn. Anyway, I want a blog to try to keep my knowledge organized, to express my opinions and thoughts, to share my experiences and just to own it. OK. Decided! I am doing this blogging thing!!!

Why re-blog than? Because I had a blog on this same URL. Nothing particularly interesting. Nothing that I could not have shared using Twitter, except maybe one post. In this incarnation of the blog I promise to be more conscious of the format and not publish single sentence posts. Therefore, I encourage you to follow me on Twitter but be aware that I also use it as a medium for sharing my favourite music.

As a conclusion, a little bit about blog structure. I plan to categorize every post in either Work or Life category. Work is everything IT related, Life – everything else. I will use additional content specific categories but these two are mandatory. In my opinion, this way it will be easy to separate all technical from all non-technical stuff and only read or subscribe to what you are interested in. Speaking of which, links to the category pages are bellow, following are links to RSS: Work and Life.

That is it. Wait for the first post.